Abdominal Belt

The Abdominal Belt  by “einfachpunktgesund”

can do without electronics! So simple & effective!

Developed by
personal trainer & coach
Steffen Wacker   

fair and under the aspects of sustainability produced in the EU. 

“        ”

Enthusiastic voices from our customers: 

It really 

works !

Mrs. Bischoff,


Mr. Gassner, 44
Active user

Mrs. Hölzer,


“I am a naturopath, 

do herbal medicine and 

work in a health food store. 

I use the abdominal belt 

to strengthen my core muscles and, 

by doing this special breathing technique, I can massage my abdominal organs. 

In addition, I can stimulate my intestines and my metabolism. … ”

“I'm Tobi 

and I work as a managing director 

in a craft business. 

After using this belt, I immediatley felt great results. I would call it “development of a positive gut feeling”. What was great, of course, is that The areas of my body which I struggled with for a long time have become visibly leaner. This was a great feeling of achievement! … ”

I have been working in my pharmacy 

with great pleasure 

for over 20 years. 

After using the abdominal belt, I felt fitter and my abdominal area became stronger. 

I no longer struggle from any digestive problems which was great. 

I noticed that I just felt better and 

that I finally got my stomach area in shape. … 

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“Only 5 minutes of daily usage – easy to integrate as part of your daily routine! ”

Healthy gut

Strong immune system

Better breathing

Strong abdominal muscles

Painfree back

To the workout videos from Steffen & Lena…
I’ll answer 

you here the 



!! Pay attention to your waist circumference (TU) and the right size for you !!  

Use a tape (or string and ruler) for measurement - you can find the instructions here.

Size XS   –  TU     up to  60 cm

Size S     –  TU      61 cm   to      75 cm  

Size M   –  TU      76 cm   to      95 cm  

Size L     –  TU      96 cm   to   110 cm  

Size XL   –  TU   111 cm   to   130 cm

You can get the abdominal belt online from
Vitalia (Germany only) 

or from amazon:

Find the TRIMMYBELL® BELT in a
Vitalia-Shop in your neighborhood   (Germany only)! 

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