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“What is the 

belly breathing method 

with the abdominal belt?”

Personal trainer and coach Steffen Wacker will explain it
to you in this short video:

“How do I determine the correct belt size / length?"

Steffen & Lena
will show you here!

„How and why was the abdominal belt invented?“

Take a look here:
Otto Greither will tell you
all about it ...

“How can I lose weight
with the abdominal belt?”

“How long
should I use the abdominal belt for?”

In the short term, you will not lose weight, but you will strengthen and rejuvenate your waist line. In the medium term, the abdominal belt
will support you to break down your visceral fat. In the long term it is an irreplaceable tool for maintaining your vitality and good health.

The training with the abdominal belt can be challenging and it initially requires attention to the correct execution of the exercise.  
We recommend to slowly increse the training up to 5 minutes per day.
Of course, you can always do more as soon as you master the technique.

“How many times per day
should I use the abdominal belt?”

Our recommendation is once a day.
Especially if you do not move very much in your everyday life, the abdominal belt is an indispensable training device that will increase your well-being.

“How can
the abdominal belt
help me?”

Especially if you do not move much during your day, the abdominal belt is an indispensable training device that will increase your well-being. It strengthens your core through this new approach. It effectively fights your back pain by stabilizing the spine with the help of the striated abdominal muscle. It supports your digestive system and is the alternative to medication to get rid of constipation.

“Should I use the abdominal belt daily
or only until “my problem” is solved?”

A daily practice with the abdominal belt is the best prevention for deseases. 

To use the belt as a therapeutic approach for constipation is also useful.

“Why is the 

abdominal belt
better than normal
abdominal breathing
(e.g. yoga breathing)?”

The abdominal belt creates a natural resistance around your waist line which will be worked against by the diaphragm and rib muscles. This increases the effiency of the belly breathing and increases the performance of the abdominal muscles, which leads to the adaptation or strengthening of these muscles. Just as the dumbbell strengthens the biceps, the abdominal belt strengthens the striated abdominal muscles, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor.

“Does the abdominal belt help me
with weight loss on my stomach?”


By using the abdominal belt, you support the breakdown process of visceral fat in your abdomen.

“Will I become more 

beautfiful/ handsome 

by using this belt?”

No, better eat a dumpling for that. ;-)  
Just joking… 

Yes! – Because inner health radiates outwards and makes you more attractive to other people and yourself.

“What else can I do
with the
abdominal belt?”

It is the ideal accessory for a 70s motto party, you can shoot rotten apples over to your neighbor, strap your suitcase when traveling, and much more.
– For example, train the outside of your legs with a deep knee flexion. :-)
Have a look here.

“Does the belt make me smarter?”

This is relative. Being healthier often also means more intellectual strength. However, we cannot promise you that you will win a Nobel Prize.

“Where is the abdominal belt produced
and which materials are used?”

We will answer this question in full detail 

for you here.

"At what age 

can one use 

he belt?”

We recommend to use start using the belt from the age of 14. An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the great results of the fast and digitalized world and poses new problems for human health. Diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes have increased in our society. By using the belt and doing the belly breathing method, you ensure a minimum amount of movement of your stomach and therefore will influence the most important organ of your immune system – your intestines.

“If I lose weight, 

do I have to buy a smaller sized belt?”

When your waist size got smaller,
please use a smaller sized belt. 

“I have problems with my intervertebral disc.  Can I still use the belt?”

We are certain that you can – but:
In this case, make sure to check with your doctor beforehand, whether training with the abdominal belt will support you or
is counterproductive for you at the moment!

“Can I wash the belt?”

Yes. Please pay attention that to wash it by hand
with a mild detergent and let it dry afterwards.

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