Function & history 

of the abdominal belt:

Back then:


Otto Greither

Owner Salus GmbH, Germany
son of the inventor of the abdominal belt

“My father was very sick himself, which he talked about in his book, called Heal through yourself.  He was a medical doctor and invented the Salus cure for himself. The abdominal belt was created over 100 years ago when my father made a trip through America and met a Native American over there who did the so-called "belly breathing exercise" with a stone on his stomach. The first abdominal belt was made of wood and had a strong spring integrated. You had to compress these springs with your abdominal muscles.  “

Why is this “belly breathing exercise” good for my health?   

“Almost every disease is caused by constipation. Most of the time, the intestine don’t move at all, especially if someone struggles with some fat around the waist area. This is the reason why the “belly breathing exercise” is so important for our health, because it gets the bowels moving. We would not do this without using the abdominal belt. Back then, my father already set up the theory: "Every meal needs a stool afterwards." For example, if you only have a stool every 3 days, it is already constipated. Our gut has good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria are fed by the excrement of the good bacteria. Without a bowel movement, the bad bacteria stay in the intestines way too long. The toxins left behind are harmful to the body. And by doing this “belly breathing exercise” with the abdominal belt, the stomach can counteract this process and actively set the bowel in motion. 

I am 95 years old. My personal secret recipe for a healthy and long life is simple: I have always remembered - especially when I was not so active during my day – to at least do the “belly breathing exercise” with the abdominal belt for my health. When I wake up during the night, it is mandatory for me to do the 5 minute exercise. Afterwards I know that I did something for myself and my health and can go back to sleep. 

As an 'old donkey' (how I call myself) I still do 1000x belly breaths each night. I recommend the abdominal belt to everyone!  But especially for those who have a stressful job with a lot of sitting and not so much sports in their lives.  

So you can extend your life in health.

Steffen Wacker

Personal trainer & coach

The “belly breathing exercise” is like a self-massage of
the belly through rhythmic drawing in and pulling out of the
abdominal wall. This self-massage can be performed in
any body position.   

Which modes of action are to be observed or expected?       

  • 1. By pulling in the abdomen, the striated abdominal muscle ("waist tie") is activated. This activation is due to contraction and relaxation and naturally increases the muscles and decreases the waist size. This is a nice side effect but not the main reason why to use the belt.

  • 2. Through the contraction and relaxation of the m. abdominis, the natural antagonist, the diaphragm is also stimulated. As a result, a higher tidal volume is achieved through improved diaphragmatic contraction.

  • 3. Due to the improved mobility of the diaphragm, the important metabolic organ, the liver, experiences improved movement in extension (swelling, filling) and flexion (contraction, emptying).      

  • 4. Due to this improved mobility and vitality of the organ,
    the blood of the unpaired abdominal organs is transported to the liver more easily and with less resistance and is incorporated into the separate metabolic processes (detoxification, provision of energy, production of bile, blood formation ...).

  • 5. Due to the self-massage technique of belly puffing, the blood flow to the surrounding and deeper tissue is increased, an improved absorption of nutrients and an improved absorption of fluid in the entire intestine can be explained on the basis of regular, well-formed bowel movements.

  • 6. The friction between the various layers of tissue also creates more lymph fluid / blood serum. This stimulation of the lymphatic system is the key point on the subject of detoxification and excretion.

Healthy gut

Strong immune system

Better breathing

Strong abdominal muscles

Painfree back

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