Mrs. Bischoff,


“ I'm Tobi and I work as a managing director in a craft business. 

After using this belt, I immediatley felt great results. I would call it “development of a positive gut feeling”. What was great, of course, is that The areas of my body which I struggled with for a long time have become visibly leaner. 

This was a great feeling of achievement! 

I found the product interesting and wanted to test it for myself whether it works or not. After testing the belt, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see quick results. It is immediately noticeable in the abdomenal area and 

you just feel liberated.“

“ I am a naturopath, do herbal medicine and work in a health food store. 

I am the mother of 3 children and I am 51 years old. 

I use the abdominal belt to strengthen my core muscles and by doing this special breathing technique I can massage my abdominal organs. By doing this special breathing technique, I can massage my abdominal organs. For me, the intense abdominal breathing and the supply of oxygen to the brain can be felt immediately. I feel focused and relaxed after using this belt. I notice that I also stimulate other muscles around my waist which I normally won’t train during normal core workputs. My posture has improved and my core is stronger than ever. When I don't use the abdominal belt, I look and feel very different. I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their health and also is interested in doing something to prevent deseases. “

Mr. Gassner, Active user

Mrs. Hölzer,


“ I have been working in my pharmacy with great pleasure for over 20 years. 

After using the abdominal belt, I felt fitter and my abdominal area became stronger. I no longer struggle from any digestive problems which was great. I noticed that I just felt better and that I finally got my stomach area in shape. 

Regardless if someone is sporty or not, I would recommend the abdominal belt to everyone because it really made a positive difference in my own life. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take care of their bodies and health. “

We are also happy to hear your experience!  

Tell us your personal experience with the abominal belt  –  thank you very much !!

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