“Welcome to the workout area !  :-) ”

5 minutes of daily exercise with the abdominal belt is enough.
You are welcome to train more – as long as you are comfortable with it !   

Look for the training videos that fit you best – many of the exercises will support you
in several and sometimes even all topics which are mentioned below:

WORKOUT 2  –  see more training videos …


Workout for the digestive system, liver & flexibility

Workout for the digestive system

Workout for the digestive system, “Meridian stretch exercises"

TRAINING – Immune system

Immune system, 

liver & flexibility workout

Immune system and
gut workout

Immune system, breathing & diaphragm workout

TRAINING – Breathing

Workout for free breathing,
liver & flexibility

for free breathing & diaphragm

Breathing exercise according to
Wim Hof

TRAINING – Abdominal muscles

Abdominal muscles &
immune system -
warm up & cool down exercises

Abdominal muscles /
striated abdominal muscles

Abdominal muscles / sit ups


Workout for your back

as well as for the prevention and treatment of back pain

Spinal exercises for a healthy back - advanced

Back workout -

meridian stretching exercises

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